Wednesday, 5 May 2010

An Excerpt from my ebook "Eat Right, Be Light"


Change begins the moment you step out of your comfort zone 
and face something new, something unknown. Any time you come 
across or experience something you haven't before, something
that stretches your mind beyond what it is used to – it will move you 
out of your comfort zone. At that point a window will open and 
you will glimpse a new possibility.

“The only constant is change”

And yet, very often, most of us resist change. 
We hold on, cling on, grasp on to the known and the familiar, 
feel safe and secure in the nest we have built and tend to believe 
that the way it is, will be the way forever. Change is a law of nature 
and nothing remains the same. Everything moves, adapts, transforms 
and the more we resist the natural flow, the more we suffer.


However, resistance to change is natural. What you know, believe, 
and are habituated to doing, has created a pattern in your brain. 
When you try to break that pattern and create something new –
understand that you are setting yourself up against your brain biology! 
To consciously make this change you need an awareness of how it all
works, what you are really up against and how you can go beyond and 
Break the Pattern.

Believe me, you definitely can.

When we keep having the same thoughts, doing a task the same way, 
repeating the same behavior over and over again – we create a neural 
pathway in the brain. Over time this pathway becomes a big, wide
highway that is well lit up. An easy, old familiar road, where we feel
safe and comfortable driving to our destination.
Then we get impacted by a new idea or experience – and a new
pathway is created in the brain – a tiny alley, a narrow lane, badly lit
and not very inviting. But it goes somewhere different, somewhere
we'd like to go and explore.
A New World.

Being in this restricted alley is definitely not comfortable,
it doesn't feel very secure either and even though the world on the
other side sounds fascinating, we wonder if it is worth it?

We give it a try, we go for a walk through that alley, we look around 
and it’s interesting. We come back and think, we'll go again
another day. Then we take the familiar road to our daily destination.
Maybe we go back once or twice to the alley, but the pull of our own 
bright highway is very strong and so, little by little, we forget the alley 
and the New World we had glimpsed.
We remain in our old and known one.

What we don't realize is that The Brain is a Magical Place.

If you persist and continue to spend time in the alley every day, 
better still a couple of times a day, then after a few days the
alley starts to transform. It begins to expand, becomes wider,
cleaner andeven begins to light up. And then suddenly, after around
3 weeks or so – it becomes a nice, wide road where you can take
your car and drive straight into the New World.
In 6 weeks it transforms into a brightly lit, safe highway. 
You have broken the pattern and created Change.

As the new neural pathway is being built in your brain,
something incredible happens at the same time. The old highway
that you knew and felt comfortable with begins to transform too.
The more you take the new path, the more the old one narrows and
slowly begins to resemble an alley. It loses its light and its shine
and begins to fade away. It doesn't disappear altogether,
nothing ever does in your Brain. In fact, nothing ever disappears 
in the Universe, it only transforms.

Hence, sometimes when you think about it, or something reminds
you of it, then it fires up instantly. Your thoughts switch a light on
in that alley and for old time's sake you take a walk down memory lane.
As long as you visit it rarely, once in a while, it will not impact your
new life in the New World. But if you go back, again and again,
you will be drawn to it more and more and it will begin to pull you
back to your old life and the Old World.

So you see, it all depends on you. You can choose to step out of your 
comfort zone, create new neural pathways in your brain and install 
the desired change in your life. All you need to do is to repeat the 
new behavior until it becomes a habit. It takes 3 to 6 weeks of regular
practice to break old patterns and create a new one. 

You can re-wire your brain and change your life.

There are a few things that will help you to do this. 
Let’s take a look at them. Let us build for ourselves a 
Strategy of Change  that will take us from our old habits of eating 
to new and healthier ways of nourishing ourselves......