Sunday, 10 February 2013

What I Ate this Week

Morning Juice - cucumber celery carrot
beetroot, ginger and lemon

Salad with baby spinach, shaved zucchini and carrot, chopped red bell peppers, 
generously coated with a dressing of tahini, orange juice, nutritional yeast, 
sea salt and cayenne pepper 

Spinach and Red Lentil Soup for Dinner
tempered with mustard seeds, curry leaves, spices, onions, 
ginger, garlic and tomatoes

Lunch - lightly blanched broccoli, carrot, cucumber and bell pepper sticks
 with a raw pumpkin seeds and zucchini hummus dip


kelli said...

such bright, beautiful photos neeta! xoxoxoxox

Neeta said...

thanks very much kelli, lots of love xoxox :-)